Marist Education

 The tradition of Catholic education that is known as "Marist" was begun by a French priest, Marcellin Champagnat, in 1817. Today, Marist schools, colleges and universities are found in over seventy countries around the world, leading hundreds of thousands of young people to what Marcellin believed each of them could - good Christians and good citizens.

Dismayed by the ignorance he found among the rural children of southern France and spurred on by a strong faith, Father Champagnat initially established a network of village schools. From the beginning the school reflected many of the qualities of Marcellin himself: they were places where hard work and excellent achievement were valued, places where the individual was genuinely loved and prized, warm places where a strong family spirit was evident, places characterised by a lack of pretence but rather by simplicity and calm determination. A special concern was afforded those students who found school most difficult. Above all, the schools were places that had the Gospel at their heart, encouraging students to respond to it with the same faith and generosity as Mary did.


'Take every possible care of the poorest, the most ignorant,

and the dullest children: show them every

kindness, ask them questions and be careful to show on all occasions

that you esteem them, and love them

all the more, because they are less favoured with the gifts of fortune and of nature.

Destitute children in

are what the sick are in a house - subjects of blessings and prosperity

when they are looked upon with the

eyes of faith, and treated as the suffering members of Jesus Christ.'


Marcellin Champagnat


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