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At St Patrick's Marist College, we aim to conduct the assessment program in an open and equitable manner. We encourage all learners to view their formal assessment as a positive process – one which opens the way to steady academic improvement if the student is willing to take responsibility for their learning and approach all their work in a systematic and disciplined manner.

Furthermore, the College staff maintains a high expectation of students and their attitude and application in all classroom-learning experiences. This means all students are expected to be punctual to class, involve themselves in all classroom activities and complete all homework and any set tasks to a high standard. A classroom is a place for active learning and there is no room or time for any distraction that may stop a student from their right to learn.

All calendars, handbooks and assessment forms can be located via the links below. Handbooks will be shared digitally with students at the beginning of the school year. It is the responsibility of every learner to download copies of this information and to become familiar with their contents. Similarly, all students should be checking their school email account on a daily basis, as important information from the College and NESA will be sent to these accounts.

The key to obtaining the best possible results is conscientious preparation for each and every task, whether formal or informal. Constant reference should be made to this handbook and to other documentation issued by your subject teachers. In addition, there is a page on study tips and the keywords used to help you interpret questions in assessment tasks and exams, and a goal-setting page to help you plan your learning.

If any student or parent/carer requires further information regarding their child’s studies and assessment procedures, they should direct their enquiries in the first instance to the relevant subject teacher, and then if required, to a KLA Leader of Learning, or the Leader of Studies and Learning Analytics.

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The following link is an overview of the assessment policy here at the College:

Assessment Overview

If a student is away on the day a task is due or is due to be handed in, then we ask that Parents / Guardians make contact with the relevant Leader of Learning for the subject area and let them know.

Students in Years 9 - 12 are required to have a medical certificate to explain an absence on the day a task is to be held or is due. They are required to complete the following misadventure form, which is to be printed, and given to Miss Hagarty - Leader of Studies and Learning Analytics, on their first day back at school. A parent/guardian note explaining an absence will suffice for students in Years 7 - 8.

Misadventure Form

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Contact Us

  • Please feel free to contact St Patrick's Marist College, Dundas by email or phone 02 8841 7900 weekdays between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

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